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SGDRIL Smart Grid Demonstration Research Investigation Lab

Smart Grid Demonstration and Research Investigation Lab

Research Goals:

Develop power system operation and control algorithms utilizing smart grid data and real time validation of these developed algorithms

Teaching Goals:

Smart grid education targeted towards middle school, high school, undergraduate and graduate students using hardware-in-the-loop demonstration of smart grid devices and operations


The electric power system is moving towards the Smart Grid (SG) development for improved reliable, secure and economic operation. Implementation of such a system requires development, enhanced testing and validation of smart grid technologies. The Objective of SGDRIL is focused on development and validation of power system operation and control algorithms.

SGDRIL is always looking for suggestions and support from industry and researchers. Please contact Dr. Srivastava to provide any suggestions or to get additional information.

For more information, please visit our YouTube and GitLab at: SGDRIL