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SGDRIL Smart Grid Demonstration Research Investigation Lab

Prospective Students

Thanks for your interest in Smart Grid Demonstration and Research Investigation Lab (SGDRIL). As part of SGDRIL at Washington State University (WSU), we are always looking for interested BS, qualified MS and Ph.D. students to start with our research group in School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at WSU. Students with good academic records and related research interest are encouraged to apply for Ph.D. and Masters degrees.

The power engineering group at WSU is one of the largest academic units within the EECS School. The power engineering research group is funded from federal and industrial research projects and has over 60 full-time graduate students. The Ph.D. and Masters research work will primarily be related to the data-driven smart grid operation and control including resiliency, security and stability, synchrophasor applications, and microgrid as well as the cyber-physical system. Strong mathematical foundations and solid understanding of power system fundamentals are required from motivated students.

Once you are admitted to WSU, feel free to contact me for any available funding. For further information on admission to WSU please browse through WSU Graduate School and WSU Admissions. If you are current students at WSU and interested in power engineering research activities, feel free to drop me a mail or come to my office, EME 31.