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SGDRIL Smart Grid Demonstration Research Investigation Lab

Research Interests and Grants

Research Interest Areas

The research focus of SGDRIL is developing power system operation and control algorithms. Availability of the smart grid data such as synchrophasor data, smart meter data, distribution automation data provides opportunities for better control and optimization algorithms for power system operation. Testing of these newly developed algorithms is critical for implementation. Specific focus of power system operation and control algorithms are in the following research areas:

List of Existing Research Projects

  1. Lead-PI, Augmenting and Advancing Cognitive Performance of Control Room Operators for Power Grid Resiliency, NSF, $1.378M (Total: $2.01M) (08/18-08/23)
  2. Lead-PI, CPS: DFG Joint: Medium: Collaborative Research: Data-Driven Secure Holonic control and Optimization for the Networked CPS (aDaptioN), NSF/ DFG, $810K (01/20-12/21)
  3. WSU PI, Efficient UltRa Endpoint IoT-enabled Coordinated Architecture (EUREICA), DOE, $279K (07/20-06/23)
  4. Co-PI, Grid Ready Energy Analytics Training with Data, DOE/ EPRI, $244K (04/19-03/24)
  5. Lead-PI, AGGREGATE: dAta-driven modelinG preservinG contRollable dEr for outaGe mAnagemenT and rEsiliency, DOE, $900K (Total: $2.29M) (10/17-06/21)
  6. Co-Lead PI and Technical Lead, UI-ASSIST: US-India collAborative for smart diStribution System wIth STorage, DOE/DST, $1.5M (Total: $39M) (09/17-09/22)
  7. WSU PI, Resilient Alaskan Distribution system Improvements using Automation, Network analysis, Control, and Energy storage (RADIANCE), INL/DOE, $400K (Total: $6.2M) (11/17-12/20)
  8. WSU PI, SolarSTARTS: Solar-Assisted State-Aware and ResilienT infrastructure System, DOE/ University of Utah, $450,000 (Total: $3.5M) (01/20-12/22)
  9. WSU PI, Development of Prototypical Communications System Models for Cyber-Physical Resiliency Analysis, PNNL DGRP, $96,000 (10/19-09/21)
  10. WSU PI, Data-driven Control of DERs & Hybrid PV Plants for Enhancing Voltage Stability Over Multiple Timescales, NSF I/UCRC PSERC, $220K (07/21-07/23)
  11. WSU PI, Federated Predictive Analysis For Power Grid Using Multi Agent Models, PNNL DGRP, $103,562 (01/21-12/23)
  12. WSU PI, AGI Grid SandBox, PNNL, $190,000 (08/19-05/22)
  13. WSU PI, Tools for keeping your power ON during extreme events, CGF, $37,948 (01/21-12/21)
  14. WSU PI, NOMARS, Siemens / DARPA, $250,000 (12/21-06/22)

Previous Research Projects

  1. Co-PI, Cyber Resilient Energy Delivery Consortium (CREDC), Department of Energy (DOE), $1.7M (10/15-09/20)
  2. PI, Smart Reconfiguration of Idaho Falls Power Distribution Network for Enhanced Quality of Service, Idaho National Lab/Department of Energy (DOE), $150,000 (08/16-10/18)
  3. Lead-PI, NSF Workshop on Real Time Data Analytics for Resilient Electric Grid, NSF, $49,000 (05/18-03/19)
  4. PI, CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Diagnostics and Prognostics Using Temporal Causal Models for Cyber Physical Systems- A case of Smart Electric Grid, National Science Foundation (NSF), $400,000 (Total: $999,953) (10/13-09/18)
  5. Lead-PI, Kronos++: Dynamic Knowledge Inference for Real-Time Smart Grid Resiliency Analysis, Siemens, $80K (06/19-10/19)
  6. Co-PI, CPS: TTP Option:Synergy: Collaborative Research: The Science of Activity-Predictive Cyber-Physical Systems (APCPS), National Science Foundation (NSF), $1,100,000 (10/15-12/19)
  7. Lead-PI, Kronos: Knowledge Base of Real-time Power Event on Heterogeneous Data Streams, Siemens, $100,000 (07/18-05/19)
  8. Co-PI, Collaborative Research: The Adoption of an Emerging Technology for Improving the Electrical Delivery System, National Science Foundation (NSF), $130,303 (04/16-03/18)
  9. Lead-PI, Develop a Technique to Derive Static ZIP Load Model from Synchrophasor Data, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), $200,000 (10/15-12/17)
  10. Lead-PI, Data Analytics for the Smart Grid (DASG) Workshop, Siemens, $5000 (07/17-12/17)
  11. Co-PI, Advanced Cyber-Physical Analysis for Smart Grid Distributed ICT and IED Resources at RTE France, NSF/IUCRC/PSERC, $311,500 (12/14-12/17)
  12. Lead-PI, Analyzing Cognitive Flexibility of Control Room Operator with Advanced Decision Support Tools in Extreme Contingencies, Energy Systems Innovation Center (ESIC), $9,960 (07/16-10/17)
  13. Lead-PI, Cyber Physical Security Analytics for Smart Grid, Siemens, $99K (06/17-12/17)
  14. PI, Global RT-SuperLab, INL, In-kind Support (06/17-12/17)
  15. Co-PI, Deployment and Evaluation of Energy Storage Integrated into the Pullman Smart Grid Community, Washington State Department of Commerce/ AVISTA/ PNNL, $399K (12/15-12/16)
  16. Co-PI, Analyzing impact of NERC CIP on Power System Operations and Developing Techniques/ Business Plan for Optimal Cybersecurity Requirements, Energy Systems Innovation Center (ESIC), $10K (07/16-06/17)
  17. PI, Collaborative Research: Integrated Policy and Engineering Design for Complex Systems with Applications to Smart Distribution System, National Science Foundation (NSF), $150K (Total: $350K) (08/12-08/17)
  18. Co-PI, Smart City Test Bed at WSU, Murdock Foundation, $1M (09/14-09/17)
  19. Lead-PI, A Collaborative Educational Program on Synchrophasor Applications for the Smart Electric Grid, Department of Energy (DOE), $200,000 (With industry match of software donation by OSI, SEL: $1,368,611) (07/13-12/15)
  20. PI, Collaborative Research: Smart Power Distribution System Curriculum-Multi-Institution Demonstration and Deployment, National Science Foundation (NSF), $87,057 (Total: $599,679) (09/12-08/16)
  21. PI, Development of a Smart Phone App for Energy Sustainability, Energy Systems Innovation center, $9,480 (08/15-06/16)
  22. PI, Real Time Modeling and Simulation module for the Smart Elecric Grid, WSU VCEA Equipment program, $60K (10/14-12/15)
  23. PI, Substation Automation and Trip Coil Health Monitoring, Schweitzer Engineering Lab (SEL), $450K (05/11-12/15)
  24. PI, Adaptive and Intelligent PMU for Smarter Applications, NSF I/UCRC Power System Engineering Research Center (PSERC), $80K(Total: $140K) (06/13-08/15)
  25. Co-PI, Student Support for the 2014 North American Power Symposium (NAPS), held at Washington State University, Pullman, WA, National Science Foundation (NSF), $12,000 (08/14-06/15)
  26. Co-PI, Developing a Battery-Extender Auxiliary Power Unit (BE-APU) for Next-Generation Commercial Airplanes (with Boeing) Phase 3, Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation, $100,000 (07/14-06/15)
  27. Senior Researcher, Trustworthy Cyber-Infrastructure for the Power Grid, Department of Energy (DOE), $194,118 (Total: $1,411,482) (01/11-08/15)
  28. Co-PI, Implementing Smart Meter Applications in Washington State: Institutional Analysis of an Emerging Technological Field, WSU Energy System Innovation Ceter Seed Grant, $9,200 (03/14-09/14)
  29. Co-PI, Engineering and Sociological Foundations for Smart Distribution Systems, CEA Strategic Investments for Research Excellence (SIRE) Grant, $60,000 + in kind (10/12-9/14)
  30. PI, AVISTA Smart Grid Demonstration Grant, AVISTA/ Department of Energy, $427,000 (Transferred from Prof. Anjan Bose) (05/12-09/14)
  31. PI, Course Development “Critical Infrastructure Security: The Emerging Smart Grid”, Department of Energy through NSF IUCRC Power System Engineering Research Center (PSERC), $140,000 (05/11-07/14)
  32. Co-PI, Feasibility of a Smart Distribution System for Microsoft Campus, Puget Sound Energy (PSE) and Microsoft, $80,050 (06/13-07/14)
  33. PI, AVISTA Smart Grid Investment Grant, AVISTA/ Department of Energy, $140,000 (Transferred from Prof. Anjan Bose) (05/12-12/13)
  34. Co-PI, Developing a Battery-Extender Auxiliary Power Unit (BE-APU) for Next-Generation Commercial Airplanes (with Boeing) Phase 2, Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation, $127,500 (07/13-06/14)
  35. PI, Testing and Validation of Phasor Measurement Based Devices and Algorithms, NSF I/UCRC Power System Engineering Research Center (PSERC), $80,000 (Total: $150,000) (06/11-08/13)
  36. Senior Researcher, Interconnection Level Transmission Planning Analysis, Department of Engergy (DOE)/ Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC), $27,724 (01/13-07/13)
  37. Senior Personnel, Training Program in clean energy smart grid engineering, Department of Energy (DOE), $46,643 (05/12-07/13)
  38. Co-PI, Social factors Influencing Implementation and Usage of Smart Grid Technologies, IGIS Grant Application, $5000 (08/12-06/13)
  39. Co-PI, A Nationwide Consortium of Universities to Revitalize Electric Power Engineering Education by State-of-the-Art Laboratories, Department of Energy (DoE) through University of Minnesota, $4,000 (07/10-07/13)
  40. Co-PI, Developing a Battery-Extender Auxiliary Power Unit (BE-APU) for Next-Generation Commercial Airplanes (with Boeing) Phase 1, Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation, $84,930 (02/13-06/13)
  41. Co-PI, Smart Energy Environments: Design for Human Interaction with Smart Grids, ESIC Seed Grant, $50,000 (01/13-06/13)
  42. PI, Real Time Operation and Control of Microgrid, WSU Research Office New Faculty Seed Grant, $18,000 (08/11-08/12)
  43. PI, Computational Needs for the Next Generation Electric Grid, Department of Energy, $5,000 (10/10-06/11)

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